Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Godwin's Law (No Hitler Mustache free rides)

Godwin's Law states: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches"

Godwin's corollary: As soon as someone brings in a reference to Hitler or Nazism or Karl Marx or Stalin they have lost the argument with the only exception that they are talking specifically about Hitler or Nazism or Karl Marx or Stalin.

In this age of sound bites if someone is desperate they simply reference Hitler. This kills the dialogue and enrages the discussion. It is a great way to throw off the actual point of discussion.

"Obama certainly is a good speaker." "Hitler was a good speaker."

Wife to husband: "Oh Dear, can you take out the trash?"
Husband to wife: "You know honey, your hairstyle looks like Hitler's today".

It is like fucking cursing because I cannot think of a better fucking adjective.

Searching around the web it appears to have been used more prominently in the last decade.

Now here is an example of an appropriate one. In the right place and the right time.

And some are fun.

And here is one I like because it demonstrates the frustration associated with Godwin's corollary.

Now what were we talking about before?


  1. Churches don't beg for money. I'm sorry if you have gone to a church that has done that immorally, and have had a bad "experience". Your right though: God doesn't need money. He's God, you silly goose! Its the act of giving, because you can't take money with you to heaven. And church and state are separate, so where else is the church going to get money for the pastors, deacons, and facility?
    I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "Jesus Loves You!" and while it is VERY true (though your blog seems to have a lot of hate {and some of it was funny, like the "scissors beats paper"}) Jesus doesn't need you, He loves and forgives you for all the wrongs you have done, and IS Justice Himself.

  2. When I was a minister we "encouraged" the members strongly to tithe. we would go door to door to non-believers and ask for donations. Not sure how that is not begging. If I was a beggar and went door to door and asked for money, how exactly is that different? Why does God need big, expensive churches to honor him? Why do ministers have to have big lifestyles (you know who they are)?
    If you knew my background you might understand why I have anger against churches. They do try to manipulate and unfortunately they prey on the weak. It is know as the prosperity gospel. They split families all in the name of Jesus. But that is what the Bible says, he came to divide families and put brother against brother, everyone thinking they are the only ones who are right. That is why there are over 10k Christian denominations. I have heard it is even higher recently, more like 25k.
    If you believe in Jesus and don't think all others who do not believe like you are wrong I am OK with you. There are way to many Christians who think they know God and if you don't believe like them you probably going to hell unless you repent. These are the people I am angry at. I don't believe in a god and believe the bible is based on ancient myths. The more you study the more you realize that.
    Thanks for stopping by.