Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cause Found For Pedophile Priests

The Catholics spent $1.8 millions dollars and 5 years to find out the cause of their priests widespread cases of pedophilia since the 40's. Was it because they demand celibacy from their priests? Wow, surprisingly no, no, no. It was, get this, because of the free-loving 60's and because their priest were undertrained. You know how being undertrained makes you think of young boys. The profound ignorance of churches to come up with anything other than the truth is beyond belief. This is not the pink elephant in the middle of the room, this is a pink whale sitting in the middle of the room.

The Catholic church provided the data, no conflict of interest there. The liberals in the church say it was because of celibacy, the conservatives say it was because of priests being gay. A miss followed by a miss. The priest are just pedophiles. They are sick and instead of getting help they went undercover in the perfect place to be find young boys with the power of god behind them and lots of secrecy.

The principal investigator said “The peak of this abuse crisis is historical. That peak is over.”
Ignore me doing this ... Ignore me doing this.

It goes on and on. The Church shows they are corrupt morally and won't expose these priest, defrock and prosecute these horrible persons. No surprise, this is organized religion.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Evidence for God

Visible evidence for God's existence all hail

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Harold Camping - So Predictable

Like I said in my prior post, bullshit would follow more bullshit and just like the Jesus story everything is true even the lies.

"I can tell you personally," Camping told his listeners, and a collection of journalists live in the studio, "that when May 21 came and went it was a very difficult time for me." He spent Saturday night in a hotel, avoiding the press and praying. But "the light dawned" when he read a quote from his friend Gabriel Otero, who told "local newsmedia" that, back on September 7, 1994, the last time Camping predicted the end of the world, Godhad returned "in a mystical way." And, in reading Otero's words, Camping realized that he had been "looking at the Bible too earthly... when the Bible is a very spiritual book." Which led him to conclude:

We were convinced that on May 21, God would return in a very physical way by bringing in an earthquake and ushering the final five months of judgement. When we look at it spiritually, we find that he did come.

See, the rapture did happen, it just didn't happen in a "visible" way. He was totally right the whole time! The world is still in the process of ending. "We have not made a mistake insofar as the timeline," Camping said. It's just that judgement day was "spiritual," not "physical." And, in light of this, the promotional campaign is over:

We're not going to pass out any more tracts. We're not going to put up any more billboards — in fact they're coming down right now... The world has been warned. The world is under judgment... We're just learning we have to look at all of this more spiritual [sic]. But it won't be spiritual on October 21.

Harold Camping - I Got To Think It Out

Ah, the bravado knowing the mind of God. Camping needs a day to figure out some bullshit to cover the bullshit he has been espousing for months. Why does he have to "think it out"? If the bible says it, it has to be true. That is what he was saying before.

But it is pretty predictable what he will come out with. He is not the first nor the last. Well, hell, he did this before in 1994, so it isn't his first or last. He will point out "You know even the disciples of Jesus got it wrong about Jesus first mission until suddenly there was an new revelation". In other words he will just made up something new. The bible is so contradictory it is an easy task and with a few hundred gullible believers it is a piece of cake.

During the time of Jesus the Jews thought that a Moses type would arise and throw off the Roman rule and establish the Jews as the new world order. This Jesus (or collection of Jesus') seemed to be the man for the job. But then he got crucified. So they needed a day or two to think it out. That's when the disciples came up with the lamb of god shit, the blood of Jesus was required to cover the time they lied to their mom about being out late and getting drunk. But wait, what they said before was also true. Jesus was going to come back and throw off Roman rule and establish a new world order so they were not lying then either. They just got the timing wrong. The lying skills they developed growing up they have mastered as adults. Religion is the greatest bullshit story ever told. It keeps changing but it is always the same.

The End Of The World Website has a new facelift. Oh look honey we can still donate even though our credit cards are maxed out from paying for end of the world billboards. Jesus Needs Money.

When you hover you mouse over the Donations selection this appears
God forbid a different thief steal your money. It is a secure transaction said the spider to the fly.

Great comments can be read here Doomsday Prophet Followers Flabbergasted.

Cheer up Harold, we all make mistakes, it is not like it is the end of the world.

Camping is non-denominational, although he has expressed a preference for $50s and $100s.

A sucker is born AGAIN every minute, what a friend they have in je$u$!

Did the guy who maxed out his credit cards stop and think that if he was never planning on paying off his debt he was in fact stealing from people? Well I for one am extremely surprised that a thief like him was not welcomed into heaven as a true believer!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

105 Ways To Promote Science And Skepticism

Looking for a way to support Science and Skepticism in a religious world? Here is a great collaborative effort suggesting 105 ways to do so.
Promoting Skepticism Document

EDIT I fixed the link so you should be able to get to the document now 5/22 2pm

They Are Gone YEAH...WHAT?...Oh Crap

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Think We Are Alone Now

I think we are alone now. All the wacky Christians, like Harold Camping, have been raptured. Halleujah!!! The nutjobs are gone. I don't have to listen to their crap anymore and now I can have wild sex and eat infants.

This has been the antithesis of the rapture today. We have been having torrential rains for weeks. My barn has been flooded. It was time to build an ark. But today was a stellar day, totally gorgeous, lots of people out and about. Motorcycles everywhere. If there is a God I think he is mocking Camping.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Draw MO day 2011

So many crazies so little time. Got your Mo Day & Harold Camping Rapture Day within 24 hours of each other. These holidays just need to be spread throughout the year so we can savor each and every one.

More Draw Mo pics can be viewed at DMD 2011

Look for miracles today. I had a major production issue at work this am and suddenly things righted themselves. I told my boss it was a Draw Mohammed Day Miracle. He burst out loud laughing and then called me a blasphemer and infidel.

Look for your miracle today....

Islam Religion Of Peach

World Ends Tomorrow - Are You Right With God?

Well, the rapture actually happens tomorrow. So, if you remain tomorrow you are definitely destined for hell. The "good guys" have gone to heaven.

These nuts have determined somehow that the Noah's imaginary flood took place in May 21, 4990 B.C. Add 2011 years and you get 7001. A day is equal to one thousand years. God created the earth in 7 days, so why wouldn't he re-create the world after 7000 years? He loves the number 7 because he invented numerology. Can't wait till May 22 when they come up with an alternate explanations like all the other predictors of the world's end. (e.g. Millerites in 1844 became the Seventh-day Adventist). How amazing is all the bullshit people believe. They want to be lied to.

Are you right with God ... I mean ... Are you right in your head?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Atheism Because

Rod Serling Nailed It

We're developing a new citizenry. One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won't be able to think.

— Rod Serling

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christians See The Future

Christians view of the future is always negative. They never see anything positive in the future. They would never have predicted say one hundred years ago that science and technology would be so beneficial to mankind. Everything is bad except things that will never exist or those things you can only find out about until after you are dead. They get this attitude from the Bible. I hope to some day take two markers to it. Paint the positive statements in one color say blue and the negative in another color say yellow. I am quite confident after reading this book dozens of times that I will only need one blue marker and a box or two of yellow markers.

So this book has taught Christians how to prophecy. Isn't it is amazing how accurate they are in their predictions like this video? I have one Christian prophecy that they will make lots of money off the backs of gullible and naive people.

Looking forward to the next fulfillment of prophecy on May 21st.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rapture: Atheist and Believers Find Common Ground

The Eternal Earth-Bound Pet website is providing a wonderful, caring service. When the rapture comes this weekend who will take care of the pets of the saved. This atheist group is extending a service to care for those pets. 258 Christians are taking the rapture seriously and have signed up.

The FAQ is worth a read. The workers have put in writing that they do not believe god and for added insurance have blasphemed the holy ghost. This will calm the fears of the saved in heaven who would say "Hey, weren't you the guy who was supposed to take care of Fluffy?".

This is great it is bringing together atheist who will adopt these pets with the righteous who want their pet to find a good home in their eternal absence. You know maybe there is hope for the world getting along. What is next peace in the middle east?

He's Got The Answers To Ease My Curiosity

Michael Trent Reznor (born May 17, 1965) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Founder of the industrial rock musical project known as Nine Inch Nails.

Heresy Lyrics
He sewed his eyes shut because he is afraid to see
He tries to tell me what I put inside of me
He's got the answers to ease my curiosity
He dreamed a god up and called it Christianity
Your god is dead and no one cares
If there is a hell I'll see you there
He flexed his muscles to keep his flock of sheep in line
He made a virus that would kill off all the swine
His perfect kingdom of killing, suffering and pain
Demands devotion atrocities done in his name
Your god is dead and no one cares
Drowning in his own hypocrisy
And if there is a hell I'll see you there
Burning with your god in humility
Will you die for this?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Faith Is The Denial Of Observation

Tim Michin animated his great poem called "Storm"

Science adjusts its view on what's observed
Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be perserved

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jesus Is Whacked For You

When I was a Christian I used to read this kind of bullshit and feel ashamed. Jesus had to suffer so much so I could be with god. How he loved even me such a pitiful sinner. Each time I felt I had sinned I would think of Jesus on the cross and how I had wounded him afresh.

Boy, was I crazy. Such an insane God, that he had to slaughter his own children so strangers could be with him. And he didn't put a bullet to the back of his head like a mob hit, clean and out. He made Jesus die in agony. Blood somehow makes me right with god.

Of a murdered loved one, many times you hear the parents or partner saying they don't feel compelled to kill the murderer because it won't bring back their dead loved one. Even some humans have a better sense of morality than this primitive desert religion's god.

I feel nauseated when I read signs like this now. It is dumbfounding how Christianity ever got a foot hold.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Evolution happens even within a human lifetime

Nylon is a synthetic material and was invented in 1935. Bacteria cannot grow/feed on synthetics. However, in 1975 Japanese scientists discovered a new bacteria feeding off nylon waste in a pond near a nylon producing factory. The bacteria strain of Flavobacterium, using an enzyme called nylonase, had evolved junk, repetitive DNA to digest certain byproducts of nylon 6 manufacture, such as the linear dimer of 6-aminohexanoate, even though those substances are not known to have existed prior to the invention of nylon. Further study revealed that the three enzymes the bacteria were using to digest the byproducts were significantly different from any other enzymes produced by other Flavobacterium strains (or any other bacteria for that matter), and not effective on any material other than the manmade nylon byproducts.

Scientists have also been able to induce another species of bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, to evolve the capability to break down the same nylon byproducts in a laboratory by forcing them to live in an environment with no other source of nutrients. The P. aeruginosa strain did not seem to use the same enzymes that had been utilized by the original Flavobacterium strain.

Nylon eating bacteria is an example of evolution working even with a human lifetime.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When Churches Ruled

When the churches literally ruled society, the human drama encompassed:

(a) slavery
(b) the cruel subjection of women
(c) the most savage forms of legal punishment
(d) the absurd belief that kings ruled by divine right
(e) the daily imposition of physical abuse
(f) cold heartlessness for the sufferings of the poor
(g) as well as assorted pogroms ('ethnic cleansing' wars) between rival religions, capital punishment for literally hundreds of offences, and countless other daily imposed moral outrages. . . .

It was the free-thinking, challenging work by people of conscience, who almost invariably had to defy the religious and political status quo of their times, that brought us out of such darkness
- Steve Allen

Friday, May 6, 2011

Save The Children by Teaching Them Evolution

The non-profit organization Save The Children has reported its 2011 Mothers' Index comparing the well-being of mothers and children in 164 countries with Norway at the top and Afghanistan at the bottom. The United States is 31st.

The report relies on information published by governments, research institutions and international agencies.

For the countries at the bottom life is grim, lack of clean water, limited education, few skilled health professionals, limited modern birth control methods. A typical Norwegian woman will have 18 years of education, live to be 83 and have a 1 in 175 chance of losing a child before its 5th birthday. The typical Afghanistan woman will have less than 5 years of education, will die before she is 45 and have a 1 in 5 chance of losing her child before its 5th birthday meaning nearly every mother will experience this.

Why didn't the United States rank higher
- Maternal mortality is 1 in 2,100 - the highest in any industrialized nation.
- Under 5 mortality is 8 in 1,000 births. 40 countries performed better.
- 58% of children in the US are enrolled in preschool, the 5th lowest country in the developed world.
- the least generous maternity leave policy in terms of duration and maternity leave policy of any wealthy nation.
- the US is also lagging behind with regard to the political status of women. Only 17% of congress are held by women, while Sweden is 45% and Iceland 43%

Isn't it interesting how the belief in evolution and the well-being of mother's and children correlate? The U.S. is still ahead of the fundamentalist Turkey. They rank 55.

To understand evolution a child will have to be introduced to many of the sciences and have a civilized society with clean water and health care. It introduces the cause and development of diseases and also provide the path to cures. It opens up the world instead of keeping it closed in primitive views of the world. Praying isn't enough. It doesn't make up for ignorance.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Day Of Prayer or Cinco De Mayo

The God Vine website has a video for What Would Happen If We Didn't Pray to God with the subtext of
National Day of Prayer is coming on May 5th, but we should pray to our Lord every single day. This video dramatically shows what the world would be like if we stopped praying. Let's never stop and never give up.
After seeing the video with its ominous music for affect, I think it will be just a cloudy, rainy day if we don't pray. Not too bad. We do need rain as everyone says. But what is it with this God? Is he the stereotypical Jewish mother? What? You don't call your mother? You will hear about it forever, all this bitching and moaning. What is it with this God who is all powerful, all knowing, all loving who gets petty and annoyed that we don't pray to him? Wouldn't he just be happy if we were happy enjoying each others company and a corona? Instead of staring down at us arms folded he should just join in and have some fun with us. Such a party-pooper. Dude, lighten up.

Happy Cinco De Mayo for those who care to join in.

The endeavour to change universal power by selfish supplication I do not believe in. - Thomas Edison

Is Bin Laden In Hell?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Which Is More Likely?

Is it more probable that nature should go out of her course, or that a man should tell a lie?

We have never seen, in our time, nature go out of her course; but we have good reason to believe that millions of lies have been told in the same time; it is, therefore, at least millions to one, that the reporter of a miracle tells a lie... Instead, therefore, of admitting the recitals of miracles as evidence of any system of religion being true, they ought to be considered as symptoms of its being fabulous.

--Thomas Paine (The Age of Reason)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pat Robertson Predicts 2013

God is talking to Pat and we get the benefit of that. Of course it is bad shit.
But here is his predictions back in 2008

Monday, May 2, 2011

Back To The Beginning

Obama 1 Osama 0

One less religious fundamentalist


This president knows how to place one clean shot instead of spending billions and miss the mark. A great demonstration of working with the world instead of being the lone cowboy.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Religious Child Abuse?

No child is born with a knowledge of Moses, Paul or Jesus. No child is born with a knowledge of Allah or Zeus or Mithras or any other god you can name. Their mind is empty on the subject. The are born with no religion. They must be taught this. How do you instill something so foreign and make sure it sticks for the rest of their life and be willing to teach their children so. It has to be a powerful meme. Our strongest memories are based on emotion. It has been found that when adrenaline runs through our brain it burns in a memory for a much longer period of time. It is important to remember things that could harm us and this is how natural selection rewarded those animals who would recall and avoid.

So eventually religion came in and it was quite simplistic. But the ones that survived were the ones most frightening. Satan roams the earth devouring little children. You need to be protected. Hmmm.... Let's call this one Jesus who protects you and if you don't listen to him you will be eaten by the devil who is under your bed. You will feel unbelievable pain forever if you don't believe in this one called Jesus who endured so much for you, you ingrate. You need to be like sheep and children and not think any doubtful thoughts. Jesus is your guardian. While you were born with no feelings for this one or even able to see him, you must now accept and know and feel him as the one who can save you. While out in nature you may see no evidence that is only because Satan is trying to trick you and/or God is trying to test you. Because you cannot see god in nature, we will tear down nature and will build monstrous churches with high spirals that say LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME. Look there and go inside and see the monstrous church interior. See a graven image of Jesus hanging on the cross. See the horrors of hell in drawings. Torture your mind until you are repent.

Sound like child abuse to you?