Thursday, April 1, 2010

The seven plagues of the Apocalypse

I was watching a show on the History Channel called "The Apocalypse". It used Revelation 16 as its' premise. They had religious nuts on the show and "scientist". The "scientist" were trying to explain how the plagues could come about with their understanding of the earth's processes and they were quite lame. They even asked tellingly "How can we tell this event is from God or was it just another non-divine event?". What's the matter God? Cat got your tongue. Give me a break. The religious nuts were there to say you better watch out, it is going to happen, this is a warning from God. Lots of ominous music and fast camera work to heighten the fears.

The seven plagues are
  1. Land - ugly and painful sores on those who worship the beast 16:2
  2. Sea - turns to blood and everything within the sea dies 16:3
  3. Rivers & Springs - turns to blood, pay back for shedding the blood of the saints. Someone shouts from the alter True and Just is God. LOL 16:4
  4. Sun - people scorched with intense heat and fire. They curse God and refuse to repent 16:8
  5. Darkness - Total darkness. Men gnawed on their tongues, curse God and refuse to repent 16:10
  6. River - dries up. Evil men perform miracles deceiving the evil doers. God is going to come like a thief. WTF 16:12
  7. Air -lightning, worst earthquake ever, islands and mountains disappear, huge hailstones 16:17
It is so the Moses let-my-people-go story rehashed, which is so overdone in the Bible.

What is the point of all these plagues? To scare the shit out of you, for you to feel helpless.

What does it really mean? Christians are scared shitless and need to pass that on. They don't believe they are right but use threats to prove it. Like closeted homosexual politicians fighting against gay marriage. A loving, honest person doesn't need to threaten especially if you think death is nothing and you will live in heaven forever.

And what is the BS that God is just? Let's see this guy is all powerful. There isn't anything he cannot do. So, instead of just coming down and sitting with us and straightening us out directly he has to secretly punish us. Was this one from God or not? All this evil is happening and we are suppose to recognize it is coming from him? Really? I thought he didn't do evil. The Bible is such a mixed up book. But what would you expect from a primitive desert religion?


  1. hey, did you delete my post? I posted a comment, I thought, to this blog posting earlier today.....

  2. no, I haven't deleted any comments. Since I don't know your name I cannot tell. There was a post comment under

    Illusion based on suffering

    Is that the one you were thinking of?

  3. God has everyright to annihalate all of us ungreatful bastards and i hope it is soon for your sake, you obviosly are very confused. Us good chritians are now where near scared shitless, we have no reason to be,we accept what will be with something called faith, you probably have never heard of such a thing obviously,what a pitiful creature you are. It must really suck to be you. May God have mercy on your pathetic soul! You poor, poor thing.

  4. You live in a fairy tale. We woudn't want to confuse you with the facts. And if the Bible shows anything it shows those who think they got it all figured out where the ones who didn't. The prophets were constantly railing against the church. Even the disciples were ignorant of what Jesus was doing until after he was dead and gone. Your arrogance will prove your downfall. Pride goes before a fall as the bible says.