Thursday, April 1, 2010

Catholic Bill Donohue redefines pedophila

On a recent Larry King Live, professional overzealous defender of the Catholic Church Bill Donohue explained to Sinead O'Connor that it's not pedophilia if the victim is 12 or 13.

Bill says how wonderful the Pope has taken important steps to prevent practicing homosexuals to get into the priesthood to begin with.

One a homosexual is not a pedophile and two if you are supposed to be celibate why would anyone having sex be allowed into the priesthood. Religion is a screwed up mess.

He should have said that the Pope has taken important steps to report pedophile clergy to the police and those who harbor them like any normal person would.

And he goes on about how the other religions and schools should look at the Catholic Church as a model of excellence and there is a lot Catholic Church could teach them. God Damn, Man.


  1. Wow...I haven't even watched the clip and don't want to! But may in a sad though! UGH!! Unbelievable and inexcusable!

    That's absurd! Isn't it considered rape and a crime if an adult has sex with a 'minor'!??? And isn't a minor someone under the age of 18!!???

  2. Yes. Yes.
    But Religion has a twisted way to redefine things and totally justify aberrant behavior.