Saturday, April 24, 2010

Answers in Genesis - Human evolution

Answers in Genesis is a Fundamentalist website that is fairly worthless except for a good laugh.

Their article on "Did Humans Really Evolve?" is one good for a laugh. The title itself sets the stage for an honest approach - REALLY? They mock those Christians who might believe in evolution right off the bat calling it their bitter pill. Then they state how evolutionist are trying to soften the blow that we didn't evolve from modern great apes but a common ancestor and write that that is only semantics. Soften the blow? How about just pointing out reality. Semantics? Boy no wonder they don't understand the Bible.

Of course they have to write repeatedly there is the great conspiracy in the science community that doesn't allow someone to say anything different than that evolution is entirely true. How soon religious nuts forget their own past. They burned books and people at the stake who disagreed with them. That does not happen in the scientific community. They have a humility no Christian would know of. Disagreement is encouraged because that is how we learn. More is learned by questioning than anything else. A Christian has his 2000+ year old Bible that he doesn't question. How stuck is that and quite arrogant?

Then they point out how few human fossils there are, but not to bother with the why of that. They lie, of course, and say they scientist have deliberately merged bones of apes and humans to come up with an ape man. They forget that the fossils were found by some Christians. They wouldn't lie, would they?

The one hoax they gleeful expound on which is the Piltdown Man with its fake discovery in 1912 by Charles Dawson. It was a skull of a modern man and the jaw of an orangutan. From the outset its' validity was strongly opposed and conclusively rejected in the 1950s. None of that is mentioned. Science exposed it, not a Christian. Big difference. Religion doesn't expose it's errors and sins (see pedophilia and the Church)

They mention our closer human relatives, like Erectus and Neanderthal. They then say Neanderthal is clearly human and expound on it, ignoring Erectus because obviously it challenges their beliefs.

Isn't it funny how they say things about science that they are the most guilty of? Conspiracies, suppression of the truth. They talk about a lack in the fossil record which we do have. Yet evidence for God is zero. Nothing you can actually see and examine.

They conclude with:
No, we are not descended from apes. Rather, God created man as the crown of His creation on Day Six. We are a special creation of God, made in His image, to bring Him glory. What a revolution this truth would make, if our evolutionized culture truly understood it!

Evolutionized culture - Hardly.
We did understand it for about 1500 years. Everyone did, no deniers. It was called the Dark Ages. Believe we have learned enough from that experience.

Note: the article mentions nothing about genetics, DNA, vestiges, ERV, Chromosome 2, embryology, etc.

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