Saturday, April 10, 2010

Logic - God is Irrelevant

D stands for Definition
P stands for Premise
C stands for Conclusion

D1: Perfection describes a state wherein the subject is free from flaws, defects or shortcomings
D2: Benevolence describes a state wherein the subject is concern with good and charitable acts
D3: God is defined as having both qualities described in D1 and D2

P1: Given D1, a perfect being requires nothing
P2: Acknowledgement from lesser beings is something
P3: Humans are beings lesser than God
P4: Forgiveness is a good and charitable act

C1: God does not require acknowledgement from Humans (from D1, D3, P1, P2 & P3)
C2: God would forgive the failure of humans to acknowledge Him (from D2, D3 & P4)
C3: Given C1 and C2, belief in God is irrelevant

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