Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Valentina And 97 Keys

Valentina Lisitsa pays this Liszt piece written for a piano with 97 keys instead of the normal 88 keys. All 97 keys are played! A whole octave on the low range. She is a wonderful pianist who I still hope some day to see in concert.

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  1. Middle C: C-71
    White keys: C-71, D-72, E-73, F-74, G-75, A-76, B-77, C-78, etc.
    Sharps and flats (black keys): C#-71=Db-72, D#-72=Eb-73, F#-74=Gb-75, G#-75=Ab-76, A#-76=Bb-77, etc.
    C-to-C with 61 keys: C-57 to C-92
    C-to-C with 97 keys (shown here): C-43 to C-99
    F-to-F with 97 keys: F-46 to F-102
    C-to-C with 109 keys: C-43 to C-106