Saturday, October 22, 2011

God Of The Week - Enki (start of week)

A few weeks back a friend invited me to a ride on Skyline Drive. We settled on this past Thursday. The weather was quite dicey, in fact on Wednesday we got lots of rain. Riding is for fun. If you get caught in the rain that is one thing but if you start out in the rain it's a real drag.

Anyway Thursday morning weathermen were showing 30% chance of rain. It was cold and blustery. Going up on Skyline you can expect it to be 20 degrees colder. Wet and Cold ain't my thing.

So, I headed out to met him at the southern end of Skyline. Working my way the thought hit me, maybe I should pick a god of the week and pray to it to see if anything happens. As you know Jehovah is a jealous god and gets very pissed if you worship any other god. So I thought I would make a test and keep it clean so I don't get killed by a lightening bolt or something.

Recently I have been reading Sumerian text. This scripture predates the Bible and surely inspired the writers of the Bible directly and indirectly. One god who appeals to me is Enki. In the Sumerian story of the flood, Enki was the god who saves mankind after the flood. That seems way cooler than Jehovah who used the flood to kill mankind. And a god who is looking out for me is someone I can put my trust in.

Anyway I prayed to Enki and found comfort in it. I thanked him for my day and and my righteous Ducati and the opportunity to ride it this day.

I started to get nervous as I progressed. I had just looked at my maps at home but didn't bring them with me. I started to worry that I had missed my turn and now would be hopelessly lost messing up the timing of our ride together. So I prayed to Enki and said please help me find my way and not get lost at all. Now I thought I should address Jehovah, but you know the guy is a pisser so like an evil genie you must be careful with your request. I prayed to Jehovah that I would get very lost and even requested with a smile I would even wind up in Alabama. I figured that wouldn't be too bad and make a great story. It certainly would be warmer and I hopefully would still be alive. So I continued on for miles and miles really thinking I had messed up, still imploring both gods, respectively. Then on the horizon there it was my turn. Enki had come through for me and either Jehovah was snoozing or he isn't as jealous as Moses thought.

As I approached the southern end of Skyline I saw my friend waiting for me and I thanked Enki for this. I asked my friend how long he had waited because I was running late. He said only 10 minutes. That made me happy that I had been so blessed by Enki.

I prayed to Enki for a safe ride and that we would not hit any critters. I decided I didn't want to talk to Jehovah about this and you can figure out why. I would just rely on Enki.

Also I did pray to Enki that it would not rain on us. I did pray to Jehovah that we would get a pouring rain, you know, really messing up the trip, as is his wont. Since Jehovah was the flood maker and Enki was the one who helped mankind afterwards it seemed like a pretty good request. All through the 3 hour ride I kept up these dual prayers.
It periodically would threaten rain, but at most there was a tiny spit that both my friend and I asked each do you see that? But you can tell from the pictures that it was a pleasant trip. Thank you Lord Enki.

Praise be to Enki, the much-praised lord who controls all the arts and crafts, who takes decisions!
- Sumerian scripture

On Friday I prayed to Enki asking for a safe drive back and forth to work. And it came to pass.

My plan is to continue to pray to Enki for a week and then look for another god in some subsequent week.

Who is your favorite god?

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