Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jesus Rapper Aviad Cohen - Fire Starter

copyright Hebrew Homies by 50 Shekel

A hilarious interview or infomercial for 50 shekel is
Sid Roth's It's Supernatural Show.
The first 5 minutes are great. "That is what we are supposed to 'jew'".
First I was like this is a spoof LOL and then I was oh, its not. ROTFLOL

At 19 minutes in, Frustrated with his Jewish religious teachers, Aviad gets Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ video. He describes getting it like buying a porno. Once home he puts it in machine and settles into a very comfy chair. Once at the end of the movie he gets all choked up because they crucified his Yeshua, "the only one we will ever have" (like he is talking about his mama"). The next morning he relates to his alarm as a miracle of god because of its reception. Funny how he goes public with Jesus. Also he tells you how to save money with Jesus. Good stuff.

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