Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oil Spill - Where are the Christians?

The maximum depth of the Red Sea is 7245 feet. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is at 5000 feet. Why don't the Christian go down there and raise their staff like Moses did and part the Red Sea and help BP get the leak fixed?

I went to Christian Post yesterday to see if they are proposing such a thing after all they have the power. They should be rallying their soldiers for Christ to make the miracle happen.

Front page
Let's see they are worried about Obama and Gays, holding graduations at church, teenage sex, walk-in baths and a pro-democracy movement in China.

Way down on the page there was a tiny link to an article about the spill.
They are praying for hope and strength. Huh? Why not pray for the oil to run out or cause the Gulf to part. Suppose they really don't believe in the power they supposedly are tapped into. No big surprise.

If you scroll down the page you see they get back to their crazy obsession about sex.

Even Google notices their primary focus and it ain't Jeebus. It is yes - Homosexuality.

(click on pictures to see a larger image)

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