Friday, June 11, 2010

Muslims Order Christians to Leave

Muslims in the Khanewal district, Punjab Province in Pakistan have ordered 250 Christian families to move out of town. The reason Muslim men are sexually assaulting Christian women and the Christian leaders have protested too much.

Also a Christian couple might be facing life imprisonment because of blasphemy according to some Muslim accusers.

Well, that is what you get when you regard yourself and those like you to be superior, which religions, particularly monotheistic religions do in grandeur.

It reminded me of the great Star Trek show with Frank Gorshin called Let That Be Your Last Battlefield. If you haven't seen it or would like a refresher it is below (50 minutes). It is a story of racism where only the people involved can see the difference. Muslims and Christians are literally brothers. They are Abraham's kids.

Do you see the difference in these guys?

After you click on it you will see a hyperlink to go to youtube. Please click.

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