Friday, June 4, 2010

Godwana - what the Bible did not know

One concept that I found quite interesting in Richard Dawkin's book "The Greatest Show on Earth" is mankind's need for essentialism. We tend to think what we see today is the way it has always been. Primitive man was definitely of this mind set.

However, all aspects of science continue to show this is not so and the earth is billions of years old. A great example showing that is continental drift. Young earth creationist think the continents were created in place just as we know them today. But the fact is all the continents used to be one land mass called Godwana. They discovered this because they can see evidence in the ocean floors. The age of the ignaeous rocks nearest the continents is the oldest and then it gets progressive younger until you meet the middle of the given ocean.

Here is an animation of Continental Drift

In addition to rock dating another amazing clue is given. Periodically, every ten thousand years or so, the earth's polarity swaps from the north to the south pole and back again. When hot lava cools the magnetic direction is shown in the rocks.

Here is an animation of Polarity Reversal

Continental Drift has been measured and it is pace is about as fast as the growth of our fingernails. This would be impossible for it to be done in 6 to 10 thousand years unless the creationist believe in a deceptive God. Genesis leaves no such clues. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and a few days later he created man. The earth was freshly made.

The true north pole keeps moving from year to year and ships that use magnetic compasses have to look up an adjustment factor.

Everything keeps moving. An incredible evidence for evolution and discredit to those who lives are stuck in a 2000+ year old religion. Wake up and see life in all it's glory.

More animated videos Essentials of Geology

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