Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurrah For Science - My First Earthquake

I felt my first earthquake today. I live near DC and was born here decades ago. After it finished I called my wife and she felt it at her work as well. Someone mentioned the epicenter was near Mineral, VA where my mother lives and by then the lines were jammed up. Eventually she called me seeing I had tried to call her. I just felt my building shake but she had a lot of stuff fall off the walls and out of the cabinets. Fortunately her brother was there and is helping in the clean up.

Earthquake at 1:51pm EST

Earthquake at 2:46pm EST

When it first started to happen I thought someone with a heavy footstep was walking by, then I thought someone must be pushing a cart, then I stood up and we all were looking around watching the lights overhead shake. Then all the chatter began.

My first feeling was how cool. I understand what is going on. I live on the Blue Ridge mountains so I know plates are pushing together here. I felt I was experiencing science in motion if you will. It wasn't until I checked that my wife, kids, grandkid and mother were OK that it hit I never thought of a imaginary god causing it to punish anyone. We know where they can happen and there ain't a god with a grudge out there trying to punish anyone.

Hurrah for science that gave me a real explanation for what goes on in life.


  1. It wasn't science! God was pissed off by the MLK memorial that was just unveiled.

  2. and here I thought it was because of the gays.