Sunday, May 1, 2011

Religious Child Abuse?

No child is born with a knowledge of Moses, Paul or Jesus. No child is born with a knowledge of Allah or Zeus or Mithras or any other god you can name. Their mind is empty on the subject. The are born with no religion. They must be taught this. How do you instill something so foreign and make sure it sticks for the rest of their life and be willing to teach their children so. It has to be a powerful meme. Our strongest memories are based on emotion. It has been found that when adrenaline runs through our brain it burns in a memory for a much longer period of time. It is important to remember things that could harm us and this is how natural selection rewarded those animals who would recall and avoid.

So eventually religion came in and it was quite simplistic. But the ones that survived were the ones most frightening. Satan roams the earth devouring little children. You need to be protected. Hmmm.... Let's call this one Jesus who protects you and if you don't listen to him you will be eaten by the devil who is under your bed. You will feel unbelievable pain forever if you don't believe in this one called Jesus who endured so much for you, you ingrate. You need to be like sheep and children and not think any doubtful thoughts. Jesus is your guardian. While you were born with no feelings for this one or even able to see him, you must now accept and know and feel him as the one who can save you. While out in nature you may see no evidence that is only because Satan is trying to trick you and/or God is trying to test you. Because you cannot see god in nature, we will tear down nature and will build monstrous churches with high spirals that say LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME. Look there and go inside and see the monstrous church interior. See a graven image of Jesus hanging on the cross. See the horrors of hell in drawings. Torture your mind until you are repent.

Sound like child abuse to you?


  1. The whole idea of a mind-reading God is creepy. Parents know they aren't overseeing their child 100% of the time so they tell their children that someone is watching them and listening to their thoughts. It starts with Santa Claus.

    The kids all know that they weren't really good enough to deserve all their presents on Dec. 25, so they keep their shame to themselves, silently receiving unearned gifts.

    Then they go to Sunday School and find out that unearned gifts are GOOD. *whew* But they have to wait until they die to get them. *dammit*

    Their poor little prefrtontal cortexes aren't well enough developed for them to think through consequences yet, so they keep on "sinning" despite themselves. If they reject those unearned gifts, they won't stand a chance because they don't have enough self-control to be good little boys and girls.

    It's almost better to whack them in the moment than to threaten them with eternal damnation. At least it clears the slate and they can start over.

  2. Agreed. It really traps them (it did me). The bible says teach a child when he is young in this way and when he is old he will return. The authors of the bible certainly knew the fine art of brainwashing.