Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Harold Camping - I Got To Think It Out

Ah, the bravado knowing the mind of God. Camping needs a day to figure out some bullshit to cover the bullshit he has been espousing for months. Why does he have to "think it out"? If the bible says it, it has to be true. That is what he was saying before.

But it is pretty predictable what he will come out with. He is not the first nor the last. Well, hell, he did this before in 1994, so it isn't his first or last. He will point out "You know even the disciples of Jesus got it wrong about Jesus first mission until suddenly there was an new revelation". In other words he will just made up something new. The bible is so contradictory it is an easy task and with a few hundred gullible believers it is a piece of cake.

During the time of Jesus the Jews thought that a Moses type would arise and throw off the Roman rule and establish the Jews as the new world order. This Jesus (or collection of Jesus') seemed to be the man for the job. But then he got crucified. So they needed a day or two to think it out. That's when the disciples came up with the lamb of god shit, the blood of Jesus was required to cover the time they lied to their mom about being out late and getting drunk. But wait, what they said before was also true. Jesus was going to come back and throw off Roman rule and establish a new world order so they were not lying then either. They just got the timing wrong. The lying skills they developed growing up they have mastered as adults. Religion is the greatest bullshit story ever told. It keeps changing but it is always the same.

The End Of The World Website has a new facelift. Oh look honey we can still donate even though our credit cards are maxed out from paying for end of the world billboards. Jesus Needs Money.

When you hover you mouse over the Donations selection this appears
God forbid a different thief steal your money. It is a secure transaction said the spider to the fly.

Great comments can be read here Doomsday Prophet Followers Flabbergasted.

Cheer up Harold, we all make mistakes, it is not like it is the end of the world.

Camping is non-denominational, although he has expressed a preference for $50s and $100s.

A sucker is born AGAIN every minute, what a friend they have in je$u$!

Did the guy who maxed out his credit cards stop and think that if he was never planning on paying off his debt he was in fact stealing from people? Well I for one am extremely surprised that a thief like him was not welcomed into heaven as a true believer!

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  1. As your blog says, "JESUS NEEDS MONEY." What does Jesus do with all the money he has....Does he have a revolving charge card at TIFFANY's like Newt Gingrich????with no interest charges??
    Amazing Grace.....so funny....