Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jesus Is Whacked For You

When I was a Christian I used to read this kind of bullshit and feel ashamed. Jesus had to suffer so much so I could be with god. How he loved even me such a pitiful sinner. Each time I felt I had sinned I would think of Jesus on the cross and how I had wounded him afresh.

Boy, was I crazy. Such an insane God, that he had to slaughter his own children so strangers could be with him. And he didn't put a bullet to the back of his head like a mob hit, clean and out. He made Jesus die in agony. Blood somehow makes me right with god.

Of a murdered loved one, many times you hear the parents or partner saying they don't feel compelled to kill the murderer because it won't bring back their dead loved one. Even some humans have a better sense of morality than this primitive desert religion's god.

I feel nauseated when I read signs like this now. It is dumbfounding how Christianity ever got a foot hold.


  1. Very disturbing, but during that time it was a common form of execution. The dumbfounding thing now is how many people cling to it.

  2. And then there is how grossed out the human Jesus would be (if even he existed) to have people wearing his form of execution around their neck and sometimes with him hanging on it. You see them in churches and the faithful bowing down in front of it.

    What about that second commandment?

    Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

    Consistency is not a Christians strong suit.

  3. I prefer the more amusing quips they come up with and post on their signs. Some of them can be seen here:

  4. That's why Presbyterians don't have pictures in their stained glass, or statuary. I don't remember if they use crosses, but there wouldn't be a dead Jebus on it if they have them.

  5. Lady Athesit, I hadn't noticed that about Presbyterian churches. That seems more right to me. But even after the commandments were given Moses directs the building of the temple and right in the temple he has them build two golden cheribims. Just another example you are forced to pick and choose because of the contradictions.

    A is for Atheist. Like the oddee webpage. I started looking for other church signs and found this website to churches to use
    Sayings for Church Signs.
    I knew there had to be something like this because churches tend to have the same sayings.

    One on the website is
    Atheist will all believe one day - Guilt, Shame, Punishment - they are my favorites :)