Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jesus is not the only or even first savior of the world who had godly powers and died and ascended to heaven. There are at least 20. Pick your favorite.

  • Adad of Assyria

  • Adonis, son of the virgin Io of Greece

  • Alcides of Thebes

  • Atys of Phrygia

  • Baal and Taut, "the only Begotten of God," of Phoenicia

  • Bali of Afghanistan

  • Beddru of Japan

  • Buddha Sakia of India

  • Cadmus of Greece

  • Crite of Chaldea

  • Deva Tat, and Sammonocadam of Siam

  • Divine Teacher of Plato

  • Fohi and Tien of China

  • Gentaut and Quexalcote of Mexico

  • Hesus of Eros, and Bremrillah, of the Druids

  • Hil and Feta of the Mandaites

  • Ischy of the Island of Formosa

  • Ixion and Quirnus of Rome

  • Holy One of Xaca

  • Indra of Tibet

  • Jao of Nepal

  • Krishna of Hindostan

  • Mikado of the Sintoos

  • Mohammed, or Mahomet, of Arabia

  • Odin of the Scandinavians

  • Prometheus of Caucasus

  • Salivahana of Bermuda

  • Thammuz of Syria

  • Thor, son of Odin, of the Gauls

  • Universal Monarch of the Sibyls

  • Wittoba of the Bilingonese

  • Xamolxis of Thrace

  • Zoar of the Bonzes

  • Zoroaster and Mithra of Persia

  • Zulis, or Zhule, also Osiris and Orus, of Egypt


  1. Found another creator

    AWONAWILONA (Pueblo Indians) "The One Who Contains Everything." The Supreme God, the Creator of All. Before the creation there was only Awonawilona; all else was darkness and emptiness. Both male and female, Awonawilona created everything from himself and taking form became the maker of light, the Sun.