Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Satan Is More Powerful Than Yahweh & Jesus Combined


  1. God let his Son die for you. He was pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities. He died because he knew you would sin and he knew I would sin. But most of all He loves us, no matter what we do. Satan hates God and he hates us.....he wants to keep us from the love of God. By trying to keep us from the love of God he is beckoning us to hell. But God will always take us back. Think about it. Judging by your poster I gather you believe that Jesus was crucified for us. Why would God allow that to happen to His beloved Son if He did not love you?
    And as an afterthought, salvation is NOT for a "lucky fraction." Salvation is for anyone and everyone who believes. Only God knows that so many poor people will harden their hearts and turn away from Him. But you know what? He stills loves them, enough to send his son to die for them, and He is waiting for them to turn back to Him.

  2. Results and results. How immoral the Christian God story is. God created Satan knowing he would tempt man AND man would fail and God would kick man out of the garden. Then man would have trillions of children which many would die a more painful death than Christ himself. Christ who is God knew from the beginning he would come to earth, having a bad weekend and live on. It really gets down to Christ had no possibility of sinning. He is God after all. So Jesus had a bad weekend to show he is all loving and God had to kill himself to appease himself. Quite convoluted and based in pagan animal sacrifices. They just tailored it. He died and nearly all will burn in hell, but you and a few others who get to watch all of us burn and burn and burn while you sing holy, holy, holy for eternity. BORING.
    It is just a fairytale. If you stood back you could see that.