Saturday, March 10, 2012

DNA or Revelation

Dear Christian reader suppose for a moment you are a juror and the case is the crime of murder. The prosecution lays out the case against this man you have not met before happily. The case against him is that he broke into a house where he had never been before. The family and friends have testified to that. But in the kitchen as he was filling his bag with the stolen goods, the man of the house switches on the light and confronts him. The burglar is surprised thinking the house empty. They immediately go into a struggle. The burglar sees on the counter a knife block and is able to grab the largest knife. He plunges it into the man's chest who crumples to the floor as the blood slowly runs out around him. The burglar stands motionless for a second. The wife of the house comes into the kitchen and screams to the top of her voice. This awakens the now murderer who flees the scene.

In time the man is caught and brought to trial. You hear the evidence which now includes the murderer's DNA and fingerprints. The wife says on the stand it could be him but she only saw him for that split second and says her attention was more on her dying husband. She breaks down in tears and is excused.

The trial goes on for days with each side presenting their case. One evening your trusted Christian friend comes over and tells you he has had a vision from God, Jesus himself spoke. He told your friend that the man is not the murderer. You must vote not guilty when it comes to the decision. At this point you must be somewhat confused because this friend has never lied ever before and he has your confidence.

On the one hand you have overwhelming scientific evidence. On the other you have human witnesses. The wife unsure. Your Christian friend is very sure that God has revealed to him the man's innocence. Do you go with science or revelation?

If you go with revelation, do you think that it should be allowed in this court case or for that matter any court case? Should it have equal value to DNA or more?

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