Saturday, November 26, 2011

Who's the Bigger Douchebag - God Or Satan?


  1. Interesting points. If Satan really looks like Elizabeth Hurley, then that clinches it.

    Satan should be the science nerd -- he got us to eat from the tree of knowledge -- God said that was a no-no.

  2. Let's see
    Got tells Adam and Eve if they eat of the apple they will die (lie).
    Satan tells them that if they eat the apple they will gain wisdom (truth).

    1. Does it actually say anything about apples in the bible? No! Does death mean literal death or spiritual death? Of course, it means spiritual death, i.e. separation from God.

      Death of course, doesn't have to be instantaneous. Quote: "From the day you eat of it (the fruit of the tree - whatever that fruit was, whether literal or figurative), you shall surely die. "From the day" doesn't imply sudden death but a gradual death.

    2. What a cruel and unusual punishment for eating a piece of fruit.