Saturday, November 12, 2011

How Do People Get Sucked Into Believing

Do you find you when you watch a movie you identify with the winning side and so want to see the bad guys get theirs? I do this all the time.

In Terminator 1 I didn't want Arnold as the terminator to win, but Sarah Connor because she was on the winning side and the underdog. I could see that right off. With Terminator 2 I wanted Arnold to win because now he had become the underdog good guy.

In the Bible you see this same conflict of good versus evil and who wouldn't want the good guys to win and be also one of the good guys. The Bible is extremely black and white and shows story after story you win if you are on God's team. As in the Terminator the bad guys can turn and be good after a bit of reprogramming.

The stories of the Old Testament are just that. You can be a bad guy but if you get reprogrammed you can become the underdog good guy. So many underdogs in the Bible including the all powerful, all knowing Jesus, quite the mix eh? Powerful like a terminator. The New Testament is like Terminator II.

The northern kingdom Israel didn't worship Jehovah exclusively and as bad guys they were captured by Assyria and taken there. The southern kingdom mostly worshiped God exclusively. Hezekiah was the shining example, the good guy's guy. But ultimately they became bad guys and the Babylonians captured them and took them to Babylon. But then in exile they became the good guys again and yeah!, they won. If you worship God exclusively you win, otherwise you lose and all this happens in the final minutes of the movie of life, well for us death because bible stories just don't happen anymore. So odd when we could now record it all.

I find mostly when I read the Bible, let's now call it a obvious piece of literature, even now I root for the obvious good guys. The myths were built up to make you want to be one of the good guys. If you read it with a skeptics mind you quickly see there really isn't any good guys, they are killing, raping, robbing just like the bad guys. AND THE THINGS ALL CHRISTIANS MISS is Jehovah-Jesus is just like the bad guys, no different. You might call them even human like (snicker)

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