Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free Trip To Heaven. Details Inside.

Today's Church sign I have seen before and as I rode past I mulled over its' meaning.

Free trip to heaven
Details inside

Well, it is more gentile than most, but is it true it is free? As the saying goes there is no free lunch. What do I get if I go inside? I get a lecture about how evil I have been (bye-bye to any self-worth and self esteem). I was condemned by God and/or Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit to eternal damnation because this Creator made a flawed universe. And the good news is that he knows everything. He knew he was setting Adam & Eve up to fail. He knew he would make them just stupid enough to believe the words of a talking snake who had taken that form but really was Lucifer, Satan, a fallen angel, who apparently had lived with God for countless ages. This Lucifer was very smart. God had created him that way. Oddly, Genesis leads you to believe that the heavens and the earth were created only in one week. But somehow Lucifer existed well before all that. But consistency is not the Bible strong suit. So you are told how awful you are and how God set you up. However, there is good news. He made himself a sacrifice so he could appease himself so he would not put you in an eternal lake of fire. He has quite the ego. He is all about putting out rules for you which he continually breaks himself, but that is OK. You are so batter and bruise after all these free details you lay down in front of him your life, your will, your money, your non-believing friends, your spouse, your children, your free thought, your doubt, well everything that you are, your soul. So when did it become free? What did you gain again? An imaginary trip to an imaginary place that you will only see after you die. I think I will just go to a movie theater and pay the $12 bucks to enjoy an an imaginary place I can see.

What I would post next to this church sign for truth in advertising.

Anything that sounds to good to be true usually isn't
Bow down and worship me. Details inside.

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