Sunday, September 19, 2010

Church Signs #1

When I ride my motorcycle around on Sundays I am in the BuyBull Belt and many of the small churches have a sign out that they change periodically to challenge believers and non-believers alike and they try to be clever. I have given thought about posting on them because the greater majority get a reaction out of me, which is their intended affect. This Sunday's Church Sign.

Selective Obedience is Convenience

How interesting. You know one church's obedience to its' faith is disobedience to another's. In fact my first church had definitive ideas on the state of the dead before the resurrection. Once I bailed on that church and was entirely guilt ridden (they had done an excellent job) I joined another church or was sucked into it to try to keep my marriage together. Once they found I believed the dead are dead and not frying in hell I was called up on the carpet. I really tried once again to be obedient even embarassingly with tears but I just couldn't hold that together. I had this thing about not lying, which I still do. My morals have only improved now that I am an atheist. Anyway eventually they ex-communicated me because I was not obedient. They could not "stand with me as a brother". That reference is in Paul's letters regarding incest. I don't see how they could apply it to me but they did. Judgement is harsh and strong with fundamental Christians because they picked it all up from their imaginary Daddy. Anyway fast forward a decade or so and I look back gratefully on that event. If I had of somehow been able to destroy every part of my self-worth and been a robot I would be miserably happy. A smile on the outside and wanting to kill myself on the inside. Today my outside and inside match and that is such a wonderful way to live.

So, this is what went through my mind as I reacted to the church sign. Now if I could put a sign right next to it expressing my atheist point of view it would be this:

Blind Obedience is how to grow a dunce

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  1. I love your bike route beltway....who's your daddy????