Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Did Lions Eat Before Man Fell?

The Bible says there was no death before Eve listened to a talking snake and ate the "apple" and then got Adam to eat it. The Fundies don't believe in macro-evolution and the kinds we see today have always been. So, what did the carnivores eat? Can you see a lion chewing on an apple or some spinach? Also, doesn't the fruit or vegetable die when you eat it? How was there not death in the Garden of Eden? Wonder how they bend that one cuz you know they love to bend the stories to fit reality and would never consider seeing reality for what it is.

Also Evolution is a Theory which is in non-scientific terms is a fact. There is no higher degree of certainty in science. It is because science is an open and humble profession. Religion on the other hand KNOWS everything. No humility even though that is what they claim they are. So, what is the story of Creation in a science term. It is no better than a hypothesis and has been discredited. It is falsifiable. The earth is clearly much older than 6000 years. Every part of science shows that. But who am I talking about? These are the same people who refused to believe the earth was not the center of the universe. The Bible says so and it says the earth doesn't move and has its foundation set on pillars. They stopped taking the Bible literal when they could do no other. They are taking to reality screaming and kicking. These people have made up their minds and do not want to be confused with the facts.


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  2. Atheist 20 God 0

  3. Is it human nature to bend our realities and fit the world into our own views and perceptions of it? Only when we become comfortable with our realities can we move past what we have been told, and can question...

    No matter where we are coming from, in general those that have accepted what has been presented to them and can't question, find it harder to see others' points of view. I think this is especially hard to come from a person whose reality is so engrained and leaves no room for an alternate reality to exist. They can't see beyond themselves because they fear if they start questioning maybe they might be afraid of what truths they will find for themselves.

    Ultimately, as a member of the human race, we need to find our own truth and stop looking at the external sources for those answers. If we can better understand ourselves, then maybe we can better understand others.