Monday, February 17, 2014

Creationist Are Creative

Creationist are Creative - Two Definitions Of Science

When you start with a fantasy story that must not be questioned then you must bend everything to it. So distorting already defined words is a ready game for those so inclined. In the recent HBO documentary Question Darwin a pastor is shown saying, if the Bible said 2+2=5, he would believe it and then work it out to understand it. The creative part! How can I make bend reality to make it fit. This is why it took centuries to get out from under religion (aka Dark Ages) and see the world as it is. This is still why Darwin is vilified. This is still why Ken Ham will make up anything to fit an ancient book that he and a billion others believe in. Oddly they cannot agree with each other.

Religion causes divergence. Science causes convergence.

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