Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alan Turing - Brilliant and Done In By The "Moral"

I am still debating a religious person with an Islam vision how Charles Darwin was one sick person and that is why Darwin came up with this crazy little lucerfian thing called evolution. I have pointed out that even this Muslim's religious heros were sinners, but that bounces off him like bullets against superman, another imaginary super-hero like his god.

Anyway, he has turned the conversation to how poor ID/creationists are persecuted. This brought up a study I wanted to do many months ago. As far as I know the worst that has happened in this day and age is a creationist lost their job at a university. However, during the age of enlightenment, many real scientist such as Bruno were tortured and killed. Bruno, showing the earth revolved around the sun, was rewarded with being stripped naked, gagged, tied to a wooden stake and burned alive by the religious. I have asked Muslim to provide one example where a science organization has done the same to an ID/creationist. Science is international and is built on consensus. Religion is local and built on divergence (30k + different denominations/religions). Science wants to be questioned. Religion does not.

In looking for true examples of persecution I found the relatively modern example of Alan Turing, an English scientist and a homosexual, who for the latter was given the option to go to prison or chemically castrate himself. He chose the later to be able to continue doing scientific research. It really shows how sick humans can be to each other. All this homophobic rage in the U.S. and elsewhere just pulls back the curtain on their agenda via this example. They pretend they wouldn't do such things. But I think it is clear once in power they would. The bible says to stone homosexuals and they say we wouldn't do that. But if their holy book says yes and they freely pick and choose from the Old Testament, why wouldn't they?

Famous Persecuted Scientist

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