Friday, May 25, 2012

Your Memorial Day Weekend Is Screwed

I have really been looking forward to this three day weekend and particularly on Sunday 5/27 to see friends and family. Now I find that Pastor Ronald Weinland says Jesus is coming on 5/27/2012. It's real man, he has bible text and everything. We are going to see WW III and Jesus coming in a cloud on that day. Billions will die. Jesus H. Christ, what a nightmare when all I wanted was just to have a little fun weekend. So if you are with me can you pray to Jesus that he postpone this shit until the following weekend? You know he says you will receive anything if you pray in his name.

"Lord Jesus, oh, so precious and oh, so kind, please delay your return and the start of WW III until June 3rd. I will be a really good person if you do this for me. In your heavenly and righteous name. Speak to me now and show me a sign you have heard my prayer and those who have joined me. Amen"

Here is a clip from the god-fearing pastor and the only man Jesus talks directly to on this time-senstive and pressing question. This time it is real. This time it is personal.

April 29, 2012

As readers of this site know, May 27, 2012, is the time that I have stated as being the date Jesus Christ will return as King of kings over all government on this earth. For such an event to come to pass, the Trumpets of Revelation must all sound, the United States and dollar collapse, the ten nations of Europe arise to fulfill the final revival of the Holy Roman Empire, and Russia with China must unite against Europe in WWIII.

It is because of such destructive power in the hands of mankind that God has shown that if He did not intervene quickly, once such a conflagration begins, mankind would destroy itself. That is exactly what God is going to do. He will cut short the war that man begins, and He will do so on May 27th, which is also the day Jesus Christ returns.

God's Final Witness
Ronald Weinland Personal Blog

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