Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Value Of An Atheist Soldier


  1. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
    2 Corinthians 9:7
    We do not expect a Reward.

  2. oh right. I get you. Wink....Wink....

  3. The end result is the same. A Christian signs up just like anyone else knowing that he or she may not come back. There is no love greater than this of one who lays down his life for his brothers. Anyone can sacrifice and everyone of them will be honored. We thank God that there are such men that are there to give their lives to keep everyone safe. But just because there is someone that doesn't believe in life after death doesn't make theirs any greater. Do you think Christians want to die? Do you think those without belief in life after death want to die? If you think that then you are a fool. The only difference between the two is peace in what they have done and what might be coming. I applaud those who make that sacrifice but to say that out of two people that died to defend the country one of them gave more is absolute foolishness. If you want to talk about kindness and sacrifice you can go and look to Jesus. Whether he was right or wrong He speaks of a lifestyle that is humble and giving. Never does He tell a believer to put themselves first in any situation other than to be the first to step up and spread the word. That is a lifestyle that teaches that you must fight every hint of human nature you have in order to be complete. There is no greater sacrifice than a life lived for others. That is a case that a Christian or an atheist dieing on a battlefield can both share without one being better than the other. It shames me to think that something like that was even posted for debate. I'm sorry for the loss of the great man that died, but to post something like that is insulting his sacrifice and what he did for our great nation.

  4. The result is not the same. One knows he is giving up his one life, the other believe he will immediately pop into heaven and be with loved ones that had died before him.

    Yes, Christians look forward to dying to be with their Lord, even Paul looked forward to it.

    Jesus said call someone a fool is in danger of hell fire. You need to be careful there.

    I honor the atheist. His sacrifice was for eternity. Don't tell me how fragile you are that you cannot hear this. Christians are good condemning those that don't believe like them telling us we are going to hell. If I honor an atheist that is minor compared to Christian condemnation.

  5. A soldier is a soldier. I can tell you it was not a soldier who typed this crap up.

  6. You should be ashamed for even posting something like this. When we all die we all return to dust as dust we were created. The Christian Soldiers would lay their lives down for any of their battle buddies. It doesn’t matter if they believe in God or not. You’re making this out of something awful. Shame on you and anyone like you. My son is a Christian and his best friend is Atheist we don’t love him any less. He believes the way he does and we as we do. It’s people like you who are turning people against others and causing so much hate in the world we are today just because they don’t follow what you do. Everyone gets their day and every dies. You will see one day who the true creator of the world and mankind is and then my friend it will be too late. You need to seek further out and get your facts right because I would love to see you go too Heaven and not Hell.

    1. Gee I didn’t know I was so powerful. Christians like you are snowflakes. The reality is that people who believed in an imagery god who will welcome them to the perarly gates have less fear than someone who knows this is it. That is a far braver offering knowing there is no reward afterwards. This is why Muslims are flying into buildings. If you want to point fingers people like you are horrible to tell someone they are going to hell if they don’t believe like you do. And then when challenged you throw up your hands and say “I am not saying this, God says it”. In fact it is not god but your belief in an archaic, poorly written, non-scientific, evil book called The Bible. It is boring and reasonable for many tradegies over the centuries and Islam is one of its spawns. Cheery pick and continue to shame others like Jesus told you “directly”.