Friday, December 16, 2011

Rest In Peace

Such a brilliant man. He will be sorely missed but his contribution to rational thought lives on.


  1. Yep, another infidel bites the dust. Too bad, so sad. Will he be missed? Probably. By a few. Just like John Lennon is missed, but, neither one of these guys is bigger than Jesus, are they?

    A generation from now, it will be "Christopher WHO?" But, EVERYONE knows and will know who Christ is.

    Basically, this irresponsible and profane booze hound drank and puffed himself to death, not minding at all what example he set for others. This guy, too, was all for waterboarding terrorist suspects... until HE got a taste of what he was advocating for others! All of a sudden, it wasn't such a humane thing to do.

    He still, however, supported the illegal and immoral invasion of other sovereign countries, without the proof that was needed for such actions. This guy wasn't the free thinker that he's purported to be. In fact, he was just an over-blown alcoholic that finally succumbed to his own self-aggrandizement and perverted appetite.

    God lives - Hitchy doesn't. In the day of judgment, when God asks him for an account of his life... will he be sober enough to answer?

    Hint: alcohol and flame are NOT a good mix!

  2. Your God ain't any better. Genocidal baby killer.
    Everyone knows who Mohammed & Vishnu is. Who gives a shit.

    Hitch best gift was challenging the evils of religion which far exceeds his political opinion and individual vices. The immorality of the cross & the insane mind control of Jesus are stellar examples of what Hitch brought to light. I will gladly shake his hand in hell for that and buy him a shot of Johnnie Walker Black.

    The evidence for God is only the shadow cast by those who must believe in magic and want to control others.