Saturday, September 24, 2011

Creationist Lies About Human Evolution


  1. Only a moron would try to pass off such a juvenile straw man. This goofball quotes an evolutionist's opinion from a book and then tries to pretend that the guy is a creationist and this is what all creationists believe. Incredible! This video truly expresses the desperate weakness of the theory of evolution if this is the best (silly) straw man argument this so-called "expert"(moron)can come up with.

  2. uh. There are creationist who do say all Homo are just variations on races. This is common amongst fundamentalist. I used to be one. Yes, there are christians such as Catholics that embrace evolution. Percentage wise more Christians believe in evolution than do not. A group of us are currently arguing with a Christian on TOL over this subject even now. This is who this video is directed to.

  3. so what kind of creationist are you?
    Hindu, a version of Christianity, some other religion? There are just so many.