Monday, January 31, 2011

Bible Quiz - Guess Which Book Of The Bible

Here is a challenge for Bible believers. Read this text and guess which book of the Bible it is from. If that is too hard try to guess whether it is the old or new testament? The answer is in the link. Don't peek before guessing. Good luck.

We give thee, Lord, sovereignty over the whole world.
Sit thou down in might; be exalted in thy command.
Thy weapon shall never lose its power; it shall crush thy foe.
O Lord, spare the life of him that putteth his trust in thee

He made ready the bow, he chose his weapon,
He slung a spear upon him and fastened it...
He raised the club, in his right hand he grasped it,
The bow and the quiver he hung at his side.
He set the lightning in front of him,
With burning flame he filled his body.

Then the Lord raised the thunderbolt, his mighty weapon,
He mounted the chariot, the storm unequaled for terror,
He harnessed and yoked unto it four horses,
Destructive, ferocious, overwhelming, and swift of pace;

His garment was a glowing flame , he was clothed with terror,
With overpowering brightness his head was crowned.
Then he set out, he took his way,
And toward the raging Tiamat he set his face.

Select one
a) The New Testament
b) The Old Testament

Select one
a) The book of Revelation, chapter 15
b) Psalms 74
c) Proverbs 22
d) Deuteronomy 17

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