Monday, August 16, 2010

God's Evil Needs

A guy on Rational Readers Squad determined the number of people God is responsible for killing in the Bible account of whacky history. He determine the known count was 2,270,365 people. His count he states does not include the flood, the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah, the number of first born Egyptians killed. I add he also doesn't include the the countless sinners who will burn in hell forever. He killed them once only to "destroy" them again. Also, knowing how he loves to create people he plans to kill I am sure there were other "evil" people not written about in the Bible who he destroyed. The Bible surely is not the entire record of his evil needs. We also can add to his count the saints who once in charge burned and tortured "witches" and other evil doers. Also, add the glorious beginning of the "One Nation Under God" country who killed just about every living savage native Indian.

I was listening to a recording of the book of Revelation today. The author of the last book of the Bible states that God will send all the plagues to the earth punishing all the evil doers with his peanut gallery yelling "You Go God" in the corner. As part of the last days drama he chains up Satan for 1,000 years and the saints reign with Jesus telling him he has done a wonderful job. At the end of the 1,000 years Satan is unleashed after Jesus resurrects the evil people and then he tortures them through all eternity in a lake of fire, forever contained. And the saint said Amen. God could just kill them and be done with them. However, instead He needs to cause a lull in the action to savor the sweet aroma of his cruelty to only resurrect them again and torture them forever, forever contained in hell (perhaps saving them for a rainy day?). I was yelling bullshit when I was listening to this. Why would a loving God put a thousand year pause in the action just so he can punish these people all over again? And why would he keep them burning in hell forever? He loves cruelty for sure. OR-R-R-R-R-R.... The bastards that wrote the Bible who said they were all about peace and love and accepting tribulation were full of anger and hate they had to suppress for Jesus. They hope there is a god who is on their side and will punish the ones who disagreed with them in the most horrible way, more than man could ever devise.

This God of the Bible is no better than any other God in Egypt, Babylon, Greece or Rome. Why? Because that is exactly where he was made up.

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