Friday, May 21, 2010

God is a dope

What did Israel do wrong to so upset God according to Ezekiel?

Surprisingly there is a lack of specifics by Ezekiel, leaving you with the feeling like a wife saying you know what you did wrong and I don't have to tell you. The few specifics are done in an allegory and not stating this is why God was punishing Israel.
  • Worshipping different pagan gods
  • Pride
  • Facing the east with their back to the Temple
  • Filling the land with violence
  • Filing the land with injustice
  • Not following God's laws and decrees
  • Conforming to the standards of the nation surrounding them
  • Rebelling
  • False prophets saying things will be OK
  • Women sewing magic charms on their wrist and making veils of various lengths
  • Killing people who should have lived and letting people live who should have been killed
  • Eating at mountain shrines
  • Oppressing the poor and needy
  • Robbery
  • Not returning what was pledged to return
  • Usury and excessive interest
  • Failing to keep the Sabbath holy

But what does the God of Ezekiel offer as a punishment to these things they have done? To send armies to starve them, rape them, destroy their towns, to bring disease upon them and to scatter them.
Exactly how does that help the poor and needy?
Exactly how does that help the person who was robbed or hurt?
How can you tell a mugger from God? Was it God who sent someone to rob you or was it someone just robbing you?

This God is a dope.

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