Tuesday, December 29, 2015

God's Breath Required For Frost

The Bible shows God is intimately involved in this world even down to rolling dice. The more we study nature the more that is found to be untrue. The lightening rod is exhibit A. Ancients thought God direct caused and controlled lightening. But when old Ben Franklin invented the rod we found we can control/channel this force, which if there was a personality behind it and a powerful one at that we could never do such a thing.

Adam Clarke ( 1762-1832) was an Irish theologian who wrote a full commentary on the Bible. I clip here what he said on Job 37.

Verse 10

By the breath of God frost is given -

The freezing of water, though it is generally allowed to be the effect of cold, and has been carefully examined by the most eminent philosophers, is still involved in much mystery; and is a very proper subject to be produced among the great things which God doeth, and which we cannot comprehend, Job 37:5. Water, when frozen, becomes solid, and increases considerably in bulk. The expansive power in freezing is so great, that, if water be confined in a gun-barrel, it will split the solid metal throughout its whole length. Bombshells have been filled with water, and plugged tight, and exposed to cold air, when they have been rent, though the shell has been nearly two inches thick! Attempts have been made to account for this; but they have not, as yet, been generally successful. The breath of God freezes the waters; and that breath thaws them. It is the work of Omnipotence, and there, for the present, we must leave it.

Now we can also control God breath using refrigerators.